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2015 | 07


Being a white rapper from small town British Columbia, SonReal understands that a bit of humor will go a long way.  While he is good at what he does and wants to be taken seriously, he understands that being genuine is most effective in the rap game. 

Inspired by Nas and Mopp Deep, SonReal gained inspiration to break the mold and find a different path out of his small town life. His career gained traction and experience with several mixtapes and free albums that focus on his past, hard work and unique perspective of the industry.  This background leads SonReal to establish himself as an artist who is seriously passionate but maintains the ability to laugh at himself when he needs to tread lightly. 

“Shits Epic” from the 2014 album One Long Day helps to establish SonReal’s identity and separate reality from built expectations.  Check out “Home” on For The Town to get a sense of SonReal’s serious side as he pays homage to Vancouver and claims his home town is why he works so hard hence the album title “For The Town.” 

We respect SonReal’s integrity to create something real while staying true to his past. A multitude of challenges and inspiration have played into what SonReal produces today similar to the journey of our passion. Not to mention this guy has a wicked sense of humor that we feel is important to pair with passion. 

Written By: Cassadie Jerdin

2015 | 06

Jamie xx

Jamie xx is back with another album that offers a unique cross between genres and enhances his individual sound and style. With two albums out, Jamie xx has a strikingly different sound from his original group, the xx, and exhibits a broad range in mixing and producing. 

In Colour, Jamie's second album released in early June, feels multidimensional by mixing textures, genres and emotions to create a track with depth. Jamie nods to the complexity of the record when he said, "at times it feels quite melancholy...but at the same time it reminds me of paradise." 

Jamie xx melds hip hop with synthetic sounds to create an entirely new kind of alternative electronic music. Check out the track “Loud Places” to get hooked and “Sleep Sound” to get a glimpse of Jamie's vision. 

We love the way he cuts through the clutter of the busy music scene with a unique vision and sound. Cutting away from the crowd and doing his own thing is a huge source of inspiration to brands like ours who have chosen to travel down a new road. We like that Jamie chooses to stand out by refusing to fit in.

Written By: Cassadie Jerdin

2015 | 05


Prides, the male trio from Scotland, released their debut album The Way Back Up on July 10th. This synthpop band offers a passionate collection of tunes jammed with melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head after first listen. Prides are unafraid about identifying themselves as a pop band but follow the lead of Imagine Dragons and Bastille by going big on emotion and sound. 

Pride’s single, “Higher Love” is a sweeter and lighter track while “Seeds You Sow” is slightly heavier and more passionate but nevertheless upbeat and fun to listen to.  This album is full of lyrics that fans will love singing along to live or on the radio. Get ready to sing along to the summer anthem, “Higher Love” on the radio. 

Prides resonates with J. Martasand because of the fearlessness to go big and create something that people can cling on to. The trio takes the power of emotion and turns it into an experience that the fans desperately want in on. They have paid attention and know that people want genuine, bold and unique messages.

Written By: Cassadie Jerdin

The Japanese House

We won’t pretend to know more than then average music journalist when it comes to The Japanese House. And that’s fine, actually, since we consider the concept of the unknown to be both intriguing and inspiring – just look at our #Lenspiration page, can you honestly say you know what these folks will do next?

We do know The Japanese House is the solo project of Amber Bain, a 19 year old Londoner with a penchant for mystique. Pools To Bathe In is the recent EP release from Dirty Hit, a UK label that she shares with the likes of The 1975 (who helped produce this release) and Wolf Alice (whose single, “Bros” just made our recent pre-launch playlist). Pools To Bathe In is a soft, dream-like lo-fi bedroom pop EP that teases with aspects of glitch and synth. It’s simultaneously personal and mysterious, touching yet distant. These dynamics fit the allure of The Japanese House and have us eager for the next release already.

Written By: J.K. Thompson


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