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Million dollar question – what is real?

At this point it might be a billion dollar question. There are several billion people in the world and they all seem pretty real. They all have real feelings, real thoughts, and real ambitions. They all wake up to real fears, have real dreams when they sleep, and they breathe the same very real air. In a world desperate for truth, how do you know who or what is authentic?

You don’t.

You find what resonates with you, what moves you, what makes you a full person; you grasp to the belief the path you follow will make our world a better place. Everyone will tell you differently and that’s because everyone will be on a different path; they aren’t wrong, they aren’t right. And we aren’t in the business of pointing fingers here, we want to help you find your way – help you identify with a world that’s never still.

We don’t believe authenticity is limited to any one characteristic – any one person can be deemed authentic for a multitude of reasons. We even have a full page to elaborate on those thoughts and highlight a few individuals we think truly represent our lifestyle goals.

At the end of the day, authenticity is whatever you want it to be, just like America, just like you.


Written By: J.K. Thompson