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Lil B - Your Mother's Mad Men

Yeah we know, he’s an odd choice. That’s what we dig.

Lil B doesn’t do anything “by the book.” There isn’t a guideline. All rules are out the window.

This is the guy who created over 100 Myspace pages of varying degrees of similarity. Same guy that popularized #Based , #BasedGod , #BasedLord, et al; this dude stormed the internet like a crazed maniac. Yes, he did challenge Kevin Durant to a 1-on-1 pickup game. Yes, he placed a #based #god #curse on KD. Yes, it’s okay if you think this is all a little bizarre.

But let’s take a closer look, because maybe Lil B the BasedGod isn’t so bizarre after all. Listen, it’s 2015 – everyone has a smartphone, everyone has a Twitter account, and everyone thinks they’re great at something. So why does Lil B stand out?

Is it possible he stands out because he knows what will stand out? Does Lil B know us better than we know ourselves?


Lil  B - Fuck KD


Calling out Kevin Durant wasn’t all that crazy considering Kevin Durant actually started it and Lil B ain’t no pushover. Yet the whole scenario screams sarcasm with a tongue-in-cheek playfulness that few can maneuver in this age of internet likes, shares, follows, and other seemingly important yet unfulfilling attributes of value.

He could’ve filmed this video with actual studio quality equipment, he could’ve included his #based crew, he could’ve rhymed somewhat coherently for at least half the track, and he could’ve perhaps shown himself, y’know, making a layup. But then, who really cares about that?

An uncontested friendship

An uncontested friendship

Would you intentionally include this in a diss tape?

Would you intentionally include this in a diss tape?

I know I’ve shared this video with every friend I have. I’ve gone out to make friends just so I could share this video with them and talk about the absurdity of those self-quotes. I’ll double-back and share it again with all those same friends just so we can re-live the laughter and head-shaking awkwardness of perceived mental delusion. But Lil B beat us at our own game. He’s a step ahead. He’s gone viral on an NBA legend with a YMCA pass and a couple goofy rhymes.

Maybe Lil B didn’t storm the internet like a crazed maniac, but instead like someone who could comprehend the landscape of a new platform. He could read the layout a step ahead of everyone else and that’s where he built his name – one step ahead.

Lil B knows is who he is and what he is about. He doesn’t buy the concept of popular demand. Or maybe he does. Hell, we don’t really know.

But what you experience with him is a glimpse into the lifestyle of a guy trying to establish himself. And we respect that. We wouldn’t put money on Lil B in a 1-on-1 street-ball game versus Kevin Durant, but then again, we wouldn’t put money on Kevin Durant in a 1-on-1 freestyle battle versus Lil B.

Besides, we’ve never seen KD on the MIT campus.