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MFSelling: Betting Billions On Yourself

Evan Spiegel: I'll see your $3 Billion and raise you $16 Billion more (and counting)

Evan Spiegel: I'll see your $3 Billion and raise you $16 Billion more (and counting)

At its core, our #Lenspiration page represents the people, places, and things that inspire us. But inspiration comes in many forms. No two people on our page are alike, although many share the same qualities that we consider indispensable. #Lenspiration has many attributes and perhaps the most important is this: Knowing your own value.

Certainly each of our #Lenspiration members know their own value, or has a decent idea of what it may be. But no other member represents this ideology better than Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of Snapchat and youngest billionaire in the world according to Forbes.

Regardless of your own thoughts on Spiegel’s “bubble life,” it cannot be denied that Evan has a drive and vision for creation that has left many of us dumbfounded. In particular, declining a $3B (yes, in billion) offer from Facebook that roughly 99% of us would’ve taken and run (or spread on the ground and rolled in, whichever).

But Evan is a different breed with perhaps a goal other than getting rich quick – although maybe he just wants to get richer quick, but we suspect he has plans to build his own juggernaut in the tech world. That is, if he hasn’t already. Snapchat has gobbled up the young tech-obsessed App users of today, and in doing so has forced Facebook to rebrand as a utility over a hip toy. Your parents and grandparents are on Facebook now, and so is your newborn cousin – none of them comprehend Snapchat. Meanwhile, it’s generating interest from innovative brands across the globe and finding creative new ways to grow content across its “instant” platform.

And, oh yeah, Snapchat was last valued in the $19B range. Neat.