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When We Say Our Products Are Handmade, We Mean It.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture online and when you received the item there was "some assembly required"? It's typically a simple procedure, joint A to B, C to D, and so forth. However, we'd wager, heavily, that when you have guests over you don't point to your Crate and Barrel bookshelf and say "Yeah, that bookshelf was handmade by me". Who does that? Sadly, in today's marketplace the term handmade is thrown around very loosely, when in actuality the product was only assembled by hand (e.g. putting the final screw in the hinge) - the machines did the rest. It's a sales gimmick. 

That's not J. Martasand, it's not in our DNA. 

If you look closely at the picture above you'll notice two rods on each side running perpendicular through the front of the frame. These rods are attached to each hinge to joint the frame with the temple arms and are capped with a diamond rivet. This is a manual process, a machine cannot perform this step. It's a more time consuming and costly process, but it alone yields a much stronger product that allows us to confidently back our frames with a life-time warranty

This isn't the only step within our production process that requires manual intervention, but it is fundamental to creating a product that will stand the test of time.

Interested in learning more about our production process? Awesome, shoot over a note to and we'd be happy to discuss the topic further.