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#001 Playlist

Spring Break

Monthly our staff collaborates to formulate a playlist. The songs within our playlists inspire, motivate and help our team inch closer to their personal definition of paradise - hopefully they can serve you on your journey.

Featured Artist | Blonde Summer

Blonde Summer


Released 2015

No-Skip Album

Kayne West

The Life of Pablo

January 29, 2016

Featured Artist | Hinds

Leave Me Alone

Released 01.08.2016

No-Skip Album

The Beatles

Abbey Road

December 18, 2015

Featured Artist | The Walters

Songs For Dads

Released 12.28.2014

No-Skip Album

Handsome and Gretyl


December 04, 2015

Featured Artist | G-Eazy

When It's Dark Out

Released 12.04.2015

No-Skip Album


Hotel Parties

Pre-Launch Playlist

November 20, 2015

Featured Artist | Logic

The Incredible True Story

Released 11.13.2015

No-Skip Albums

The Oh Hellos

Dear Wormwood

Justin Bieber


November 06, 2015

Featured Artist | Youth Lagoon

Savage Hills Ballroom

Released 09.25.2015

No-Skip Albums

Panama Weeding

Into Focus EP

Air Waves

Parting Glances

October 23, 2015

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