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J Martasand Novelty

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why would a sunglasses brand highlight novelty?” It’s a valid thought. Sure, novelty often refers to a temporary state of newness, contrasted by the overwhelming fear of returning to normal. It lends itself to those dust-laden collectibles monopolizing shelf space in grandma’s living room. All those antique novelty items once meant something but now they’re just normal, everyday trinkets.

But Grandma sure does love ‘em.

We’re not saying you need to buy a new pair of shades just to lift your spirits. You shouldn’t buy shades to sit on the couch, either. Call a friend and go on a joyride. Or take Mr. Barksdale. You can even go alone - there are no rules here. Well, except one: don’t forget your shades! It’s a new day and it’s bright out there.

That’s our point here: every day presents a new opportunity to make a memory. Big or little, it doesn’t matter -  Let these moments create the novelty of your life and let those memories stack upon each other day after day. Allow these moments to fill you over time like Grandma’s trinkets filled the living room shelf. 

In the meantime, we’ll keep creating novel ideas, designs, and products because that’s what novelty means to us - our state of newness might wear off but we’re never returning to normal.

When you’re well into your golden years we want you to look back on your shades with the fondness of Grandma’s trinkets - then grab ‘em for life’s next wild Bingo adventure.


Written By: J.K. Thompson