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Revival Of The American Dream

What would America look like today without the backbone of manufacturing from the early 1800s? Take a minute. Do a quick Google search. Americans were impressive, weren’t they? Resilient, innovative, and determined. These early years of manufacturing produced some of the most important creations in American history – spurred by the expansion of railroads and canals.

The demand for manufactured goods created new financial responsibilities and requirements. Corporations were born to support this growth by generating new money from investors. The masses demanded more, so we sacrificed our art. The concepts of quality and quantity became blurred. We lost our way.

American manufacturing doesn’t resemble what it once was – but the American producer has a renewed spirit. The craftsman, artisan, and #purist are finding new life in small niches of the marketplace. The belief in American made goods is stable and strong, the interest in our small-scale producers is legitimate, and American trade continues to grow.


New Balance making quality American made shoes


From coast to coast, shop-owners are finding pleasure in supporting their local communities while staying relevant on a national scale. Shifts like these don’t happen overnight, nor do they continue without constant effort from all sides. J. Martasand is excited to enter the ring and throw a few punches, but no one is an overnight knock-out. Our predecessors, established American brands such as Red Wing ShoesSchott NYC and GitmanBros. have been carrying the torch for decades. Their business models have paved the way for a new breed of American craftsmanship - Top Designs, Weiss Watches, 3Sixteen - without sacrificing any momentum of their own.

None of this is possible without the people. What purpose do quality-made American items serve if no one appreciates them? The American community, as a whole, has spoken with a resounding effort to bring that resilient, innovative, and determined landscape back to the states.

We claim “Made in U.S.A.” with pride because, from head to toe, that’s who we are.


Film by Made by Hand produces short films celebrating people who make things by hand



Written By: J.K. Thompson