Sunglasses | Made In U.S.A. | Handmade


J Martasand

Though our branches stretch coast-to-coast across America, J. Martasand’s roots are firmly planted in the small town rural Blue Ridge Valley of Virginia. The close-knit community values instilled in us from youth now find themselves at the forefront of the J. Martasand mission: stay true to you, find your tribe, SEE.IT.THROUGH. and go on an adventure. This may be simplifying the matter, but simple is what we do - clean, classic, refined.

The inaugural #001 Limited Edition release from J. Martasand marks a beginning for many: for the brand, for your style, for our next adventure. Each piece is handcrafted stateside and individually marked with their respective release number along with a simple, yet important, reminder, “Made in USA”. We are a small but ambitious brand, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but we do see improvements than can be made in the Sunglass industry - specifically, transparency. We are open with all product information and we keep our pricing at a reasonable rate despite the downright theft by other comparable brands. We seek like-minded individuals, who value authenticity and a full life of experience - We just hope to tag along.


A moment, just that, brief and significant, is rarely recognized during its course but rather in hindsight, perhaps years later, that come to shape who we become. The gravity of those moments vary, but add them up and you start to gather a glimpse of life’s undeniable trajectory, for better or worse, and what you’ve come to value. We push for positive moments, both seemingly inconsequential and life-changing, that come to define your own greatness. We’ll be making our own memories as we launch our inaugural class and encourage you to continue making your own, because whether big or small, simple or complex, if it feels right then SEE.IT.THROUGH.