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Life-Time Warranty

Full disclosure, we don't have the supporting analytics to claim that our sunglasses will last a lifetime - however, the time dedicated to crafting each individual piece coupled with industry-leading materials has us at J. Martasand confident in our products.

We are very proud of our inaugural pieces, we took the time to build and inspect them properly - but should a manufacturing defect occur/be found, upon verification, we will replace the defective piece at no additional cost. If this rare event occurs, please email us a brief description of the issue at and we’ll get it resolved immediately.

Replacement Program

Shit happens, we get it.

Should you have too many cervezas and harm precious, then shoot us a note and tell us your story. Chances are we’ve been there too.

In the event of an accident, our policy promises a replacement pair at a significant discounted rate (don’t get too carried away 😜 ) - simply send an email to and we’ll quarterback you through the replacement process.

Offer applies to online orders from only.

Now That You're As Confident As We Are In Our Products, Find Your Precious

NēHī | Space Black | #001
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Mykin | Champagne | #001
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KISS | Whiskey | #001
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